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The Skinny Center is the #1 place in Houston, Tx for Body Wraps and Non Invasive Lipo.For those who have lost weight through diet and exercise but still have areas where fat seems impossible to shift, liposuction could be the answer. The benefits that result from ultrasonic will depend from patient to patient, however common benefits reported after ultrasonic Non Invasive Lipo:

  • Less body fat
  • Improved body shape
  • Enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Ability to wear clothes that were previously unsuitable
  • Feeling that your body is now in proportion

The method used at The Footparlour is not a liposuction as such but it works as such as it reduces the number of fat cells in the body without the inconveniences or complications of surgery.

The equipment has a very powerful high frequency convergent ultrasound which acts directly on the localized fat breaking the membranes of the adipose cells.

This happens because of the mechanical effect caused by the merging of the focalized ultrasound beams which provoke enough vibration to disrupt fat cell membrane without damaging the skin, blood vessels or peripheral nerves.

This action causes the fat to drop in the lymphatic system which will carry it through the liver which will enable the fats to be eliminated through the colon.

Noticeable results in problem areas can be seen in 4 – 6 sessions. In between sessions you should follow a low-carb diet, drink plenty of mineral or spring water, avoid alcohol for 4 days after treatment and get plenty of exercise to encourage lymph flow, which supports the removal of fat cells from the body.

Everyone is different but averagely, one procedure can remove up to a pound of fat or 1.5 inches of the area being treated.

The number of sessions all depends on how many inches you want to loose. A course is usually between minimum 6 to maximum 20 sessions in any one area.

The pictures below shows the tremendous benefits available from non-invasive ultrasonic treatment.

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