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V-Steam Party



V-Steam Party


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V-Steam Party

So you’ve never had the V-steam.  You can relax and be pampered, while the pros at The The Skinny Center take care of all the rest. Sit back with a delicious Mimosa, Sit back with a tasty Mimosa, enjoy your v-steam, kick your feet up at chat with the girls, relax in your private room, let the stress melt away, and have fun celebrating the rejuvenation of your v-queen!

What to Expect

The V-steam is a new way to tighten the vagina while detoxing and and helping to reduce excessive menstrual cramps and pain due to fibroid tumors. The V-steam is inspired  by an ancient ritual practiced for hundreds of years in Korea. The steaming treatments stimulate the production of the hormones to maintain uterine health, helps with infertility, reduces menstrual cramps, clears up normal acne, reduces pain, promotes circulation and helps to promote digestive pain. Get together with four of your friends for a special day of relaxation and fun. Plus, we will take care of everything; all you have to do is come ready to be pampered! Now that’s a good deal!

The Planning Process

No need to worry about planning the details, we will set up a consultation with you, discuss all the opportunities for your experience, and help determine the perfect spa party for you and your group. You set the date…we plan the party! Invite your favorite friends and loved ones for luxurious spa treatments, delicious food, and drinks.