It’s more than a diet. It’s your Safeguard!

The Skinny Line 30-Day Plan is a clean-eating food plan with a focus on increasing one’s immunity. It’s not at all about counting calories, but more importantly about creating a favorable hormone-balancing response to those calories. Eating this way decreases inflammation which has a positive effect on every organ system and allows the body to lose excess weight more easily. In addition, The Skinny Line 30-Day plan helps women to actually heal their metabolisms so they can lose excess weight and more importantly maintain that weight loss. I like to say we help women achieve permanent weight loss through wellness. So the focus here is really on wellness, and weight loss is a happy extra side benefit.

The Skinny Line 30-Day Plan helps women to:
• lose excess weight and body fat while preserving LBM (muscle)
• strengthen their immunity
• heal their gut, improve their digestion and lose excess bloat
• detox their livers and burn deep visceral belly fat (associated with chronic health issues)
• decrease inflammation (also associated with all chronic health issues)
• increase metabolism (which helps their whole body work more efficiently)
• regulate blood sugar and all other metabolic syndrome factors.
• naturally balance their hormones
• jumpstart themselves to a healthy, happy lifestyle.



Clean eating is a surprisingly simple dietary concept that focuses on eating whole foods that have been minimally altered from their original state. Lean proteins combined with healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates provide a diet high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that naturally helps promote health and fitness.

Clean eating is about stripping away the additives, chemicals, fillers, preservatives and junk that confuse our digestive system and can limit our body’s ability to thrive.


More Energy

Refined, processed sugar is the white devil. Hydrogenated fats, artificial sweeteners, and MSG don’t make as colorful an analogy, but they are just as dangerous nonetheless. Getting rid of these non-food ingredients in our meals can cause energy levels to skyrocket.

Finally, your body will have the chance to burn fat for energy, instead of the readily available ‘fake energy’ it finds in the pseudo food so easily accessible to most modern dieters.

A clean diet including whole grains and healthy fats will power you all day long, filling your body with steady energy from natural sources, and helping you avoid the dreaded sugar crash.

Better Skin

Getting rid of the processed foods and turning over the clean eating leaf can help give you the youthful skin you’ve been dreaming of. Sugar and processed foods wreak havoc on your insulin levels and excite oil glands, disrupting the natural order of your body’s largest organ, your skin. Given a break from all the melee, your skin can easily return to its naturally glowing state.

Get Smarter

It’s no secret that chemicals and other dubious food additives fog the brain. In the absence of such unsavory characters, the natural health benefits of clean food get to play a starring role in fueling our brain cells, allowing for good clean foods such as avocado and olive oil to step in and contribute valuable omega-3 oils for brain health.

Lose Weight

Clean eating is not about restricting calories to lose weight. However, most people with a few pounds to lose who begin eating clean find that weight begins to effortlessly fall off.

When you fill your body with food that it understands how to process, it has less trouble fighting the digestion of that food. It also has more time to burn fat and rid itself of toxins and build muscle, in the absence of the constant barrage of chemicals and fillers it constantly had to deal with on a traditional modern diet.

And since you’ll be eating several small meals a day, feeling full isn’t a problem. In fact, if you have any history of dieting, you may find that you have never been more satisfied with the generous amount of food you can eat without feeling guilty.

Prevent Cancer

Today’s traditional diet, made quick and easy at the ding of a microwave, has done nothing to slow the advance of cancer on our society. Diet plays a large part in this pandemic, and contributing factors such as refined sugars, hydrogenated fats, MSG, and artificial sweeteners have all contributed to widespread instances of cancer in every corner of our country.

Eating a clean diet of minimally processed foods introduces healthy live foods that cleanse the body, introduce antioxidants and omega-3’s to help purify the blood stream and gild the brain against disease, and maybe most importantly, lowers our chances of ever getting cancer by reducing inflammation.

Live Longer

Living longer is all about reducing inflammation to help reverse the signs of aging, both inside and out. The best way to do that is to find fresh clean foods as your source of omega-3 fats, antioxidants, and fiber.

Luckily, when you eat a clean diet, healthy fats that boast omega-3 fatty acids, fresh fruits ripe with antioxidant power, and complex carbohydrates stuffed with healthy fiber are a dime a dozen. As you’ll quickly find, extending your own shelf life is simply a byproduct of the clean eating lifestyle.


Very simply, everyone can benefit from clean eating. It is the best way to support your healthy, fit lifestyle, and the whole family can get on board. It’s never too early, and it’s never too late to start eating healthy, and feeling good about the food you eat.

Adults can start eating clean today, help the body detoxify, and reverse the damaging effect of chemical mayhem. Children can watch their parents make better decisions, and as children unwittingly do, follow right along in their footsteps.

Making good choices in the way we feed our bodies now, follows us all the rest of our days in the form of better health, and happier families.



Clean eating is not a gimmick, diet fad, or weight loss trick. It’s not about limiting quantities, or measuring grams of protein, or fat. And it certainly isn’t about excluding any of the major players in the macronutrient categories of food that make up our diet. All the big boys play a part in clean eating, and you’ll enjoy proteins, fats, and carbohydrates alike.

While many people find that they do lose weight, feel better, and have more energy when they start eating clean, it’s usually a result of filling their plates full of real, natural foods, and dumping the chemical waste that laces most of the modern diet we have sadly become accustomed to.

The result of all that healthy food is a body that works efficiently the way it is meant to, and feels so good that it subsequently moves enough to burn calories in a way that drops weight and feels good.

Clean eating is not a temporary solution. It is a simple dietary philosophy that changes the way you think about your food, and how it fuels your body.