A new paradigm for Health and Weight Control that really works

The Weight Loss Medical staff at Westchester’s “The Skinny Center“ are focused on a new paradigm for weight control – one that goes beyond the common belief that the process of arriving at and then maintaining a particular weight is a simple equation of “eat less” and “exercise more.” We’ve all known people who eat and eat and stay rail thin. We also know people who say: “I just look at chocolate and it goes straight to my hips.” Then, there are those of us who struggle with our weight only to find that the weight we lose, seems to bounce right back. Why is losing and maintaining a particular weight so hard for so many of us?

The answer to all of these questions is simple: there are biological mechanisms that intervene and have a huge impact on the “eat less and exercise more” equation. New evidence has been reported that successful weight loss starts internally — from the inside out. 


To successfully lose weight, you need to figure out the root cause. The Skinny Center is your doctor guided path to weight loss, once and for all. Because the journey of losing weight begins from the inside out, The Skinny Center measures your Hunger, Appetite and Stress Hormones; adrenal and thyroid hormones, metabolism, and vitamin D levels to get the complete picture of what is taking place in your system. The Skinny Center’s medical experts analyze the genetic markers and blood values that make up your unique body chemistry and isolate imbalances and their underlying causes.

This new weight loss paradigm developed by The Skinny Center, has left Weight Watchers and other popular generic diet programs lagging behind. The current diet environment for weight loss is still rooted in the ‘calorie in, calorie out’ ‘eat less, exercise more’ paradigm. Now is the time to bring the science of weight loss out of the dark ages and apply a new understanding that successful weight loss is an internal process! 

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