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We are way ahead of you Tufts University

Every day, the evidence mounts that successful weight loss begins with an individualized approach that takes into account the many complex factors that make each person’s physical makeup unique. A new study from Tufts University confirms that fasting glucose levels, or blood sugar levels, can influence weight loss. HOW BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS AFFECT WEIGHT LOSSIn fact, Sai Krupa Das, PHD,…


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Empowering Westchester residents to better health

The Skinny Center, Westchester’s number one weight loss & aesthetic center believes that health and weight loss are inextricably linked. The medical center is supporting, coaching, and empowering Westchester residents to participate in their proprietary Health 365 test. It’s the most compressive blood panel today that can determine the cause of troubled weight gain and isolate chemical imbalances that helps…


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The Unstoppable Rise of Health 365: How a Westchester weight loss clinic is going mainstream

People have become their own health advocates as a result of the popularity and urgency of slimming down and strengthening one’s immunity during the pandemic. People all over the country are sick and tired of being given incorrect information about how to protect themselves during a Covid outbreak. Many Americans are turning to the internet for answers as they search…


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Doesn’t matter if you’re SKINNY or FAT; it’s all about being HEALTHY on the inside

No, being skinny is not always a compliment, and being fat is not always an insult. This is due to the fact that it is only weight, and weight does not define you as long as you are healthy. Westchester’s #1 Weight & Aesthetic Center, The Skinny Center, believes that you can be whatever weight you want – skinny, lean, thin, or fat…


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The Skinny Center Launches Chemical-Free Weight Loss Program To Enhance Immunity

The Skinny Center weight loss programs, which are based on science, have helped thousands of people achieve their personnel weight management and health goals. Through education, advocacy, products, and tools, their mission is to empower and educate consumers on how to eat right and snack smarter. “Our vision is to lead the nutritional diet movement with trusted brands that provide…


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Greg Kelly: My Story of Unexplained Weight Gain & What I Learned Was Actually Happening

The Skinny Center, Westchester number one Weight and Aesthetic Center, continues its partnership with 77 WABC talk Radio host Greg Kelly. Kelly has been sharing his incredible weight loss journey on his show as well as online through The Skinny Center website and social media. Greg details his of unexplained Weight Gain and what was actually happening to his body.…