Celebrity dieter details weight loss success

Weight Loss Starts from The Inside Out

Following years of fad dieting, WABC’s Greg Kelly, 53, finally learned how to lose weight and keep it off. Through a medically-led weight loss journey at The Skinny Center, based in Westchester County, NY, Kelly lost the 22 pounds he had been trying to lose for several years and integrated a lifelong health and wellness program into his busy life that’s easy and convenient to maintain.

Kelly says that his successful diet outcome taught him that the most effective way to lose and maintain an ideal weight is by focusing on his overall health and wellness, including a The Skinny Center’s individualized nutrition plan.

“I learned the secret to leading a healthier, happier and slimmer life – and then I lost the weight. Weight loss starts from the inside out; its primarily an internal process. We keep trying the same routines over and over including punishing diets and rigorous exercise, hoping that these changes will result in a slimmer body. Then, we’re disappointed because they just don’t work.”

The medical team at The Skinny Center uses innovative science to pinpoint biological changes that often prevent you from losing weight. Based on crucial information gleaned from a comprehensive blood panel, they next develop an individualized plan including specific strategies that help you take control of your weight and protect your health.

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