Empowering Westchester residents to better health

The Skinny Center, Westchester’s number one weight loss & aesthetic center believes that health and weight loss are inextricably linked. The medical center is supporting, coaching, and empowering Westchester residents to participate in their proprietary Health 365 test. It’s the most compressive blood panel today that can determine the cause of troubled weight gain and isolate chemical imbalances that helps reveal future illness.

“Our focus is to provide the tools you need to balance your body chemistry through laboratory testing and personalized programs of customized medications, supplements, nutrition, fitness and de-stressing techniques.” Explains Mitch Suss founder of the Skinny Center.

“By taking Health 365, our patients find deficiencies that they are not aware of. These deficiencies are crucial signs that their bodies are not working optimally, and are obstructions for weight loss, more energy, better cognitive function, and improved quality of life,” says medical director, Dr. Aaron Spingarn.

“Correcting these deficiencies by safe and natural methods will have dramatic effects on your ability to lose weight and sustain a healthy body for many years to come,” continues Dr. Spingarn.

The Skinny Center’s clinical excellence, comprehensive lab testing, and compassionate care has earned the trust of Westchester residents to participate and identify the core reasons you’re struggling with weight loss and health issues. The Center will help you overcome these obstacles and empower you to adopt lifelong healthy behaviors. 

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