Fran Drescher forms a strong alliance with The Skinny Center

Powerful Partnership Dedicated to Helping Men and Women Navigate Their Weight, Health, and Well-being

Westchester’s premier weight loss and aesthetic med/spa, The Skinny Center, that empowers both Men and Women to make healthy changes by giving them motivation to realize their full power and potential, announced a strategic partnership with Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer Foundation.

Best known as “Fran Fine” in the hit series The Nanny, Fran Drescher founded the nonprofit Cancer Schmancer following her own triumph over cancer, turning her pain into purpose with a mission to educate people about a maintaining a healthy weight and preventative lifestyle so they wouldn’t have to suffer through what she did. Like Fran says, “Let’s not get sick in the first place. How’s that for a cure?”

This powerful partnership unites two organizations whose shared goal is to transform and change lives, and to work together to create and promote communities of strength, hope and resilience, something which is needed now more than ever.

The Skinny Center Alliance with Cancer Schmancer is multi-faceted and supports the lifesaving mission of Cancer Schmancer, educational videos, support of the Cancer Schmancer Master Class Health Summit, Online Edu-series, Corona Care 4 You, and Cabaret Spectacular. The non-profit and Fran’s approval of The Skinny Centers weight loss program Balance 3H Plus – based on a comprehensive blood panel that identifies any imbalances in your hormones, thyroid, reproductive and stress hormones, that impacts your ability to lose and maintain a healthy weight, will donate 33% of all sales to help support Cancer Schmancer.

“We are dedicated to improving and saving lives, and in Cancer Schmancer, whose endorsement and support of us, is aligned perfectly with our own mission,” says CEO and Founder Mitch Suss of The Skinny Center. “We are so proud to partner with the incredible team behind this non-profit which has proven itself to be a pioneer in the health and wellness landscape when it comes to supporting people and their families in their biggest fight of their lives. I am so proud and fortunate that a great non-profit organization like Cancer Schmancer chosen us and strongly believed in our medically supervised weight and wellness programs that has helped thousands achieve both their weight loss and wellness goals-I am honored and feeling very proud!”

“One of the best weapons we have in the battle against cancer is our doctor created, medically supervised weight loss and wellness programs, as well as the importance of our extensive lab panels that can help detect certain bio-markers, hormone irregularities, lowered immunity, vitamin and mineral deficiencies all contributors to unhealthy weight gain and ill health,” says Co-Founder Lisa Avellino.

“Keeping people from unhealthy weight gain, safe and fit is at the forefront of everything we do,” continues Mitch. “I thank Fran and her organization in believing in us.”

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