Greg Kelly: Liberals, Conservatives agree on just one thing – Blood Tests are critical to a Healthy Lifestyle

The Skinny Center, Westchester number one Weight and Aesthetic Center, continues its partnership with 77 WABC talk Radio host Greg Kelly. Kelly has been sharing his incredible weight loss journey on his show as well as online through The Skinny Center website and social media.

As if our current political climate wasn’t already polarizing, according to Greg Kelly, research shows that people who identify as “liberal” or “conservative” have different food preferences.

“For example, conservatives are 20% more likely to skip breakfast and 9 percent more likely to prefer soft tacos, whereas liberals are 57 percent more likely to drink wine with dinner at home and 28 percent more likely to eat fresh fruit daily,” explains Greg Kelly.


Both conservatives and liberals agree that getting your blood tested is critical if you want to finally take control of your weight, feel empowered, and make the changes you need to improve your health in the coming years.

“We stay out of politics,” says Mitch Suss, CEO and Founder of The Skinny Center in Westchester. “Regardless of your political beliefs, each of our patients receives an in-depth analysis that can detect the causes of their weight gain. Blood tests will help you accurately determine your hormonal status, indirectly aiding in the investigation of weight gain. In layman’s terms, your blood may hold the answer.”

“When it comes to the Skinny Center, both liberals and conservatives regard it as a reliable source of information about the causes of weight gain. “There are no political opinions here.” Mitch is pleased to announce!

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