Greg Kelly Supports Balance 3H Plus Medical Weight Loss Plan For Reversing Prediabetes & Diabetes

Nobody knows how important it is to look good and be healthy like a radio and television personality. Greg Kelly of 77 WABC is truly a man who believes in helping to maximize the health and lives of people struggling with weight and diabetic symptoms.

Although not diabetic himself, Greg is quickly reaping the benefits of a revolutionary new dietary program developed by The Skinny Center‘s physicians called Balance 3H Plus and wants to share his experience with others going through similar struggles.

“Hi, I’m Greg Kelly, radio and television personality, and I’m here to talk about a revolutionary new dietary program called “Balance 3H Plus.” The weight loss plan is intended to help you lose weight safely, normalize your blood sugars, age more slowly, and reverse prediabetes and diabetes. I’ve been a part of the program since late September. I’ve lost 13 pounds, look younger, and have the energy level I had in my twenties and thirties,” says Greg.

Greg explains, “My wife and I visit the Skinny Center for reasons other than diabetes. However, while there, we spoke with other patients who were in the process of reversing or had already reversed their diabetes. The stories were so different from the hopelessness we’d heard from others who said there was no cure for diabetes.”

Greg goes on, “I am not diabetic, but I have already recommended The Skinny Center to diabetic friends and family members. One friend (and WABC coworker) claims that his doctor was astounded by his results – ‘Normal’ in just a few weeks; However, he is a zealot who adheres to the program to the letter. Three other friends have made significant progress and have reduced or eliminated their meds or shots.”

“Diabetes doesn’t mean defeated. It doesn’t mean I have a body I can’t use or take care of myself, says Mitch Suss, CEO and Founder of The Skinny Center in Westchester. “My wish is that people do not avoid it and instead seek assistance in managing, controlling, and reversing it. I’m so proud of this program, and I’m thrilled to see how it has helped so many people with Type 2 diabetes live a life free of diabetes complications.”

“Diabetes and weight loss are so intricately connected that it would be impossible to talk about one without the other if you are a diabetic, says Greg Kelly “If you have diabetes and struggle with your weight, you already know that controlling your blood sugar/insulin levels will help you lose weight, and vice versa. I strongly recommend Balance 3H Plus to the millions of diabetics looking for a solution to help control, manage, and reverse the disease’s debilitating symptoms.”

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