Greg Kelly’s Clarion Call For All Type 2 Diabetics To Go On Balance 3H Plus Medical Weight Loss Plan

Nobody knows how important it is to look good and be healthy like a radio and television personality. Greg Kelly of 77 WABC is truly a man who believes in helping to maximize the health and lives of people struggling with weight and diabetic symptoms.

Although not diabetic himself, Greg is quickly reaping the benefits of a revolutionary new dietary program developed by The Skinny Center’s physicians called Balance 3H Plus and wants to share his experience with others going through similar struggles.

“Diabetes, contrary to popular belief, is not a chronic disease,” says Greg Kelly. “In fact, most diabetics can wean themselves off medication and become completely healthy in as little as 12 weeks. The “Balance 3H Plus” program was created by doctors for anyone who wants to live a healthier and longer life by transforming our bodies into the miraculous, self-healing machines they can be, resulting in significant weight loss, improved health, and, eventually, the abolition of diabetes and other diseases,” Greg continues to say.

“Through research, innovation, advanced technologies, and continuing education, The Skinny Center continues to set new standards of excellence in the support of overweight and type 2 diabetics,” explains Greg.

Greg elaborates, “I was introduced to The Skinny Center by CEO & founder Mitch Suss, who listened to my frustrations about my lifelong struggles with weight and the debilitating health issues I was experiencing in recent months. I walked away from his vast knowledge of medicine with many thoughts racing through my mind about my health and the impact it will have on fathering another child, which my wife and I are expecting in January. The following Monday, with my wife by my side, we traveled to Westchester County to meet Mitch and his medical team – the decision to proceed is perhaps the best decision I have ever made. Today, I’m down 13 pounds, my sleep has improved, I look and feel younger, and with this new energized body, I’m looking forward to the arrival of the most beautiful little baby girl in January—with the hope of being there for her for a very long time. It doesn’t get any better than this!”

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