doctor testing blood in test tubeMeasures and analyzes broad panel based biomolecules and DNA genetic markers.

Analyzes 20 blood base biomolecules, which include:
-cortisol (the stress hormone)
-leptin (the appetite suppressor hormone)
-ghrelin (the hunger hormone)
-DHEA Sulfate
-Follicle Stimulating Hormone

Analyzes fat soluble vitamins (A,D, and E), water soluble vitamins (B6,B9,B12, and C), Minerals( Calcium, Magnesium,
and Potassium), Hemoglobin A1C, Heratocrit, and sex-hormone-binding hormone Globulin.

Tests for key/genetic mutations that impair how the body metabolizes certain hormones and vitamins that affect your ability to lose weight. A sample of these mutations include FACTOR V and MTHFR.

Identifying these genetic mutations is imperative. Mutations can cause serious health risks and serious weight gain.
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Imagine a simple blood test that could tell you why you aren’t losing weight—and how to fix it—well, science has now made that possible.

It’s the kind of testing we do for every patient at The Skinny Center with our Health 365 panel, which is a comprehensive blood test that includes a metabolic panel with lipids to measure glucose levels, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and more.

But we don’t stop there. The Health 365 panel also includes an in-depth examination of 11 key hormones related to appetite and metabolism.

Testing and monitoring these various blood levels provide important information about each patient. This information allows us to tailor a nutrition program that will guarantee weight loss success.

Mellisa Caldwell , MD

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“The Skinny Center’s 12 week diet plan is more than a weight loss program-it’s a vital health movement that is continuing in popularity.

The program now includes a lipotropic spray, to assist dieters in successfully combatting sugar addiction while helping them achieve 100 percent adherence to their customized weight loss plans.

The program start with Health 365, the most comprehensive blood panel available. This blood test will determine exactly what is causing your weight gain and give insight into how to reverse it.

Followers on the plan lose an average of 10 or more pounds a month, eliminate visceral fat, especially around their mid-sections, choose healthy foods to help lower BMI ( Body Mass Index) and reduce chronic systemic inflammation which is an underlying factor to all major degenerative diseases.

The program also strengthens immunity, serving as a safeguard when it comes to fighting off infections like the common cold and Covid and all of its variants.

The Skinny’s Centers “Science First” philosophy is the difference you’ll notice. It mean superior care and proven efficacy. It also means optimal results for you.” – Dr. S. Suzinsky, MD