Health 365 Saved My Life

Michael, 34, weighed 292 pounds and came to the Skinny Center after hearing radio and television personality Greg Kelly recommend it.

Although Michael had not always taken care of his health, he has decided that now is the time. Michael, you see, is about to become a first-time father, so he wanted to get healthier, fitter, and leaner so he could spend as much time as possible with his family. 

Michael, like Greg, underwent our exclusive lab testing and blood test to screen for physiological imbalances that help pinpoint the underlying causes of inability to lose weight and detect impending health issues.

Michael learned the value of self-care after receiving a potentially dangerous diagnosis from his screening. 

“I am 34 years old,” he remembers thinking, “I’m not ready to die.”

It also put his health concerns into perspective; because of this experience, he made a promise to himself to always be proactive when it comes to his health. 

“The Skinny Center tests I underwent completely saved my life. The information revealed that if I continued this path of neglecting my health, I would face very specific impending illnesses that would prevent me from doing what was most important to me—growing old with my children and family. That was a huge wakeup call!”

Michael is now in better health and prioritizes work-life balance. The Skinny Center taught him the importance of appreciating his life by drastically improving his health and preventing future health problems. 

“I am thankful for the support and professionalism everyone there has given me. I hope my story will encourage others to make their health a priority! Got to go, got to change my daughter’s diapers.”

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