Healthy Weight Loss without the Big Fat Lies with celebrity host Greg Kelly

Radio/TV host Greg Kelly is openly talking about his battle with weight fluctuations and shares with his celebrity colleagues the TRUTH about his new lean and healthier body without the big fat LIES!
His mission is to provide them with the information that will help them find a fundamentally life changing and sustainable lifestyle.

When talking about his journey with the Skinny Center, Kelly implores his celebrity friends and colleagues to finally get to the root cause of their unsuccessful attempts at losing weight. “In order to look and feel your best on the outside, you need to know how your inside is looking”
Quite frankly-it seems too good to be true, but experiencing it, trying it, on it, is all the proof that I needed to extol The Skinny Centers magically revealing and solution-based lab work.

Their exclusive “Health 365” lab testing reveals certain genetic markers and isolate imbalances and their underlying cause. The Skinny Center, whose medical weight loss experts created this blood panel that gives you a very in-depth analysis and the reasons why so many people cannot lose weight and is susceptible to gaining more weight.

“Since I have been on the program, my weight has dropped, I have improved immunity, cholesterol, blood pressure precipitously went down, and my energy levels skyrocketed”, says Kelly.
Greg Kelly gives you the facts without the lies! His mission to reveal the truth about following fad diets to his friends and celebrity colleagues has become his strong passion to help everyone that they are fighting a losing battle to lose weight…. UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR BLOOD REVEALS!

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