How a routine blood test measures your future risk of weight gain and chronic disease

Type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and arthritis are among the most common and preventable health problems. More than half of the adult population has one or more of these chronic diseases, and this figure is expected to rise by 40% in the next ten years.

What if there was a way to predict who is going to gain weight and develop a chronic disease before it happens?

Doctors at The Skinny Center discovered that combining data from a proprietary blood test called “Health 365” with a patient’s age can be an excellent way to determine if you are at a high risk of gaining weight and developing a chronic disease.

In clinical studies, doctors at The Skinny Center discovered that Health 365 is approximately 82 percent accurate in identifying patients who are unable to control their diets and are at risk for future health risks.

“Our goal was to develop a clinical tool that could be used to identify patients who are at a higher risk of obesity and chronic disease and thus require more personalized care.” says Mitch Suss, CEO & founder of the Skinny Center. “For example, if the patient has high risk factors on the Health 365 test, clinicians may decide to see the patient more frequently or to be more aggressive with treatments,” continues Mitch.

Health 365 is the most comprehensive metabolic blood panel currently available on the market. This test will tell you why you aren’t losing weight and how to fix it. To truly understand what needs to be fixed, you must first understand what’s going on beneath the surface. This panel is intended to look at hormones that may be causing weight gain or making it difficult to lose a few pounds. Because hunger, cravings, stress, and energy are all sensations controlled by our hormones, controlling them should be the first step in anyone’s weight loss plan. Blood sugar levels from the previous two or three months are also displayed by Health 365. This can aid in the management of current weight issues, as well as type 2 diabetes and identifying those at risk of developing the disease and other impending illnesses.

Your path to weight loss, good health and vitality starts here.

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