Is Weight Gain Inevitable as You Get Older?

A Guide to Age-Related Weight Gain

Each birthday brings about the uncomfortable realization that it’s getting harder and harder to lose weight. A host of new studies show that adults, ages 40 to 59, saw the highest rates of obesity, with 45% of this age group having a BMI of 30 or higher. Middle-aged men had the highest prevalence of obesity at 46%.

A combination of factors contributes to weight gain in older adults, including a slower metabolism or an inability to exercise due to physical limitations that can emerge with aging. A Medical Weight Loss program, like the one at The Skinny Center , can help individuals of all ages take control of, not only their weight, but their health.

Fad diets can often be extremely dangerous, especially for older adults. There have been false claims made from various diet centers that dieters in their program can “lose 40lbs in 40 days” and that their cellulite will disappear. This is simply not true. Our medical experts emphatically warn against this. Not only are these completely false statements, but this type of weight loss is also unsafe and can even result in permanent damage to your metabolism. In fact, your metabolism may slow down further, which can increase both your weight and cellulite. A slower metabolism is directly related to cellulite since the body is unable to burn energy as fast as it takes it in, which can lead to weight gain. Weight gain can make cellulite more noticeable.

Although it is true that as we age, weight loss becomes more difficult. However, weight loss at any age can happen with a safe and effective weight loss plan. Medical research shows that the ”journey to losing weight begins from the inside out,” which is the foundation of the weight loss programs at The Skinny Center. Medical experts at The Skinny Center kicks-off your program with a comprehensive blood test to measure your genetic markers and the blood values that make up your body chemistry, as well as isolate imbalances and their underlying causes. A plan specific to your needs will then be created by our medical experts based on your individual test results.

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