Medical Weight Loss blood test for women in their 20’s

Our Women 20s Health 365 blood test, specifically developed for women in their 20s, provides a broad range of weight loss and health insights, empowering you to make healthy changes to increase your energy, as well as support your mental and physical health. This medical weight loss test analyzes a range of personal health issues, including weight loss, nutrition, mental well-being, energy levels, and thyroid function. Understanding your results will give you the confidence to take steps towards a leaner and healthier lifestyle and preventing disease.

Health 365 checks your levels of Ghrelin (Hunger hormone), Leptin (Appetite Suppressor hormone) and Cortisol (Stress hormone); and ferritin (a measure of iron stores), vitamin B12 and vitamin D. Both ferritin and vitamin B12 are needed to create healthy red blood cells that carry oxygen around the body. A deficiency can leave you tired, affecting your mental health or leading to anemia. This is important as some women may be more susceptible to iron deficiency anemia due to menstrual bleeding. A vitamin D deficiency can impact your energy level, and many women in their 20s are found to be deficient in vitamin D, especially throughout winter.

By testing your thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), you’ll know if your thyroid is functioning normally. Thyroid disease can lead to changes in weight, sleeping, mood and anxiety. Your liver and kidney function, along with your cholesterol can be affected by poor dietary choices, such as eating too much saturated fat or drinking too much alcohol. 

The links between your hormones, hunger, appetite, stress and weight are undeniable. That’s why we’ve developed a science-based all-natural balancing hormone program for women who struggle with weight loss — no hormones, drugs or surgery! Understanding this link between hormone levels and weight loss has helped thousands of our patients to not only lose weight, but also to keep it off.


  • Designed specifically for women in their 20s
  • Manages your Hunger, Appetite and Stress Hormones to help you lose weight safely and effectively
  • Ensures that your iron stores are normal
  • Establishes your baseline liver and kidney function
  • Measures your thyroid level, which can affect your weight and energy
  • Checks for vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can cause fatigue and low mood

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