Lisa and Patty the skinny center health coachesWhen our private weight loss coaching patients work with us, they enjoy getting to the bottom of their emotional eating, stress eating, and their binge eating. They begin to understand why they turn to food for comfort.

They begin to clearly see the impact of their negative self-talk and start to break down the beliefs holding them back from reaching their goals.

We partner with our weight loss patients as together, we focus on nutrition, fitness, and the foods that will bring the biggest health benefits to you, and also the mindset, building self confidence, improving self esteem and helping them feel more in control of their choices. We also focus on sleep, mood, stress, and how to find lightness and balance.

This way, our private weight loss coaching patients don’t have to be thinking about their body, exercise and food 24/7, they can feel more free and lighter about food and fitness and how they talk to themselves.

Feeling in control, confident and healthy is something every man and women deserves. And no matter how you look on the outside, it’s all about how you feel on the inside. “Weight loss Starts From Within.”

Our weight loss program combine confidence – boosting exercises – an all natural ween off sugar adherence spritz to easily stay on coarse – and a doctor-supported eating plan that you can easily integrate into your hectic schedule.

We will be here to answer any questions or concerns you might have 24/7.

We so excited to work with you through the Skinny Center program.

You are meant for transformation- and we both can’t wait to help you get there.

Isolated middle aged business woman presentingWhen you have a great connection, feel comfortable, and have a great relationship with a coach, you will feel more motivated to accomplish your weight loss goals and achieving long term success. “I always say find someone you ‘click’ with,” Lisa has been the one piece of the puzzle that was missing- thank you sooo much!

Laughing mature man eating a healthy cereal breakfastThis is the only program where everything became easier as time went on because I was no longer relying on willpower. Patty, my weight loss coach definitely changed my life!

Woman smiling in orange shirtI reclaimed my sense of control over the choices I was making. Food no longer controlled me. And I could enjoy indulgences without feeling guilty. The difference was Lisa’s support, understanding and her continuous encouragement that kept me motivated to stay on track. It made all the difference.