Medical Weight Loss

Our exclusive Medical Weight Loss programs are not just typical diets - they are physician-supervised and clinically-proven approaches that helps our patients achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Our professionals focus on preventive medicine. After medical tests and in-depth consultation with each patient, our medical staff creates an individualized and comprehensive plan for each patient.


21-Day Cleanse

Our weight loss cleanse program was made for women just like you—wanting to reverse fatigue, stubborn weight gain, acne, bloating and brain fog. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling trapped in a body that’s holding you back from living the life you were meant to live. When exhaustion, low self-esteem and sickness rule your daily day instead of opportunities and passion—your surviving and not thriving.

We’ve heard from thousands of women with these struggles, and we’re here to help!

Clean Eating Plan

Skinny Line 30, is the first scientifically based whole food, immunity boosting and cancer prevention food program to take into account women’s distinct body chemistry and dietary needs-and reveals the best way to incorporate them in your day-day lives. This 30 day program includes the latest nutritional studies and addresses the unique health and dietary concerns that women are facing today. It addresses clean eating without any chemicals, toxins, additives and preservatives to stay healthy and happy while shedding pounds. Easy menus, recipes, and super female foods-staples that should be on every women’s shopping list. The Skinny Line 30 works to prevent and combat a variety of illnesses, including osteoporosis, breast cancer, heart disease, yeast infections and allergies. This revolutionary program, created for women, by women helps every women look better, feel better and live longer!

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B3H Weight Loss Plan

Balance 3H Plus® is a completely individualized system that helps you take control of your hormones. When you’re in a place of control, when your body is balanced, the diet and exercise choices you make will have results. You will look better. You will feel better. You will have the energy you did when you were 20 – with a lifetime’s worth of wisdom to put it to good use!