Super Nutrition for Women

Skinny Line 30, is the first scientifically based whole food, immunity boosting and cancer prevention food program to take into account women’s distinct body chemistry and dietary needs-and reveals the best way to incorporate them in your day-day lives. This 30 day program includes the latest nutritional studies and addresses the unique health and dietary concerns that women are facing today. It addresses clean eating without any chemicals, toxins, additives and preservatives to stay healthy and happy while shedding pounds. Easy menus, recipes, and super female foods-staples that should be on every women’s shopping list. The Skinny Line 30 works to prevent and combat a variety of illnesses, including osteoporosis, breast cancer, heart disease, yeast infections and allergies. This revolutionary program, created for women, by women helps every women look better, feel better and live longer!

Clean Eating

The Skinny Center's 30-Day Plan is a clean-eating food plan with a focus on increasing one’s immunity. It’s not at all about counting calories, but more importantly about creating a favorable hormone-balancing response to those calories. Eating this way decreases inflammation which has a positive effect on every organ system and allows the body to lose excess weight more easily. In addition, The Skinny Line 30-Day plan helps women to actually heal their metabolisms so they can lose excess weight and more importantly maintain that weight loss. I like to say we help women achieve permanent weight loss through wellness. So the focus here is really on wellness, and weight loss is a happy extra side benefit.

The Skinny Center’s 30-Day Plan helps women to:
• lose excess weight and body fat while preserving LBM (muscle)
• strengthen their immunity
• heal their gut, improve their digestion and lose excess bloat
• detox their livers and burn deep visceral belly fat (associated with chronic health issues)
• decrease inflammation (also associated with all chronic health issues)
• increase metabolism (which helps their whole body work more efficiently)
• regulate blood sugar and all other metabolic syndrome factors.
• naturally balance their hormones
• jumpstart themselves to a healthy, happy lifestyle.