The Skinny Center is a weight loss and aesthetic center for men and women based in Westchester, N.Y., whose mission it is to empower people to live longer, leaner and healthier lives by using their own blood for dynamic and comprehensive diagnostics, and ultimately life saving weight loss programs. Our program is built on a belief that your blood is your body’s truth. It touches every organ and tissue in your body and can detect early warning signs of imbalanced hormones and preventable lifestyle diseases, like Type 2 Diabetes.

We believe in the proactive power of prevention – which is why our analysis happens before symptoms emerge and goes well beyond the typical tests you’d receive during a routine physical. Our Health 365 blood test provides you with the knowledge you need to enable timely interventions. Our detailed blood panel give our doctors insights, treatments, and discoveries that will help you monitor and improve your long-term weight, dietary and health issues.

Adherence is the key to weight loss success – a diverse body of research supports the idea that dietary adherence – the degree to which an individual ‘sticks’ to a diet – is a more important factor in weight loss success than the ‘type’ of diet an individual is prescribed. Our medical weight loss experts realized that fixing the adherence problem is the secret to unlocking your success, so we set out to find the perfect solution. Our new proprietary product – The Skinny Spritz- can assist dieters in successfully combating sugar addition while helping patients achieve a 100 percent adherence to our medically supervised customized weight loss plan making it a cinch to achieve your weight loss goal.

Healthy eating is important for many reasons, including fueling your body, acquiring necessary nutrients, lowering your disease risk, increasing you longevity, and promoting mental and physical well-being. Our proven nutrition plan is scientifically designed to help men and women of all ages struggling with weight. It is not about calorie restriction or exercising harder. It’s about customizing a plan to help you reset your metabolic hormones to lose weight naturally without drugs, hormones shots/pills or surgery. It results in significant weight loss for over 94% of our patients.

Losing weight with excessive dieting and rigorous exercise is not the solution. The answer is finding our true weight within our internal bodies; when you start connecting within, then changes on the outside naturally begin to take place. Our multidisciplinary approach – blood, adherence, nutrition helps regain control of your weight, your health, your life. It’s the Skinny Center’s difference and the foundation for everything we do.

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