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One of the keys to losing weight and keeping it off is maintaining muscle during weight loss. WHY? Because muscle burns calories and is a major factor in your overall metabolism. If you lose muscle during weight loss, you lost most of your capacity to burn calories. That’s exactly why I created and formulated Balance 3H Plus® Lean Body Program. Many of my patients who first come to see me, are losing muscle, not fat and is the reason they are regaining the weight they lost. Keeping your muscle metabolism high makes it easier to lose fat and keep it off long term. It’s the key to getting the “ Lean Body” you’ve always wanted.

Balance 3H Plus® Lean Body is designed to make it easy for you maintain lean muscle, lose fat and achieve the healthy weight loss results you want. Formulated specifically to women who are experiencing hormonal fluctuations due physiological and biological changes of menopause—The program is simple to follow and adaptable to your lifestyle. The guide booklet that is inside each box, will help you understand and follow the program for optimal success.

The Balance 3H Plus® Lean Body program, has awarded me the opportunity to help women across the country look, feel and achieve their weight loss goals…….and keep it off for good!

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