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Almost everyday in my practice, patients asked me about the importance of taking probiotics and how can they help them achieve good health and weight loss. My answer is always the same “ ITS A MUST”


Your body is designed to break down the foods you eat into micro (little) pieces. This allows your intestines to absorb the essential nutrients from your food. The rest is expelled as fecal matter. If you have the right Balance of gut probiotics, your digestive tract will be able to absorb the nutrients your body needs or sort through what can be turned into waste. However, if you don’t have the right Balance, you will have waste accumulation, backed up lines, infrequent bowel movements, body odor, bad breath, and an overload of toxins.

B3H+® Probio-Supreme cleans your colon, makes sure it doesn’t get backed up, and free it from obstructions. Your metabolism can almost shut down if you get “ Clogged Pipes.” This is because your body will be trying to target and expelled the waste instead of using its energy to break down Calories. Women, whose metabolic chemistry and hormonal bodies are changing due to menopause and who don’t have enough probiotics often gain weight and are prone to chronic diseases.

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