Radio host Greg Kelly highlights amazing weight loss results from The Skinny Center

The Greg Kelly Show is heard every weekday through 3:00 pm on77WABC Radio and Now, listeners can tune in to hear about Kelly’s weight loss journey with The Skinny Center.

Always in fluctuation with his weight, Kelly is a weekly visitor to Westchester, New York’s new and exciting weight loss and aesthetic Spa, The Skinny Center.

“Someone once said the camera adds 10 pounds, but the 20 on top of that was all me,” Kelly says. “Now, I have found a program where I do not have to worry about those 20 pounds on camera ever again!” 

Though Kelly was exercising and experimenting with fad diets, he always experienced the same mixed results.

“That is, until a special friend introduced me to a very brilliant medical weight loss physician and medical director at The Skinny Center, Dr. Aaron Spingarn, and his amazing staff,” Kelly says. “After a few weeks on the program, the difference is remarkable. The program is a modern, medical solution that targets the root cause of your weight gain!”

Kelly is so grateful and excited that he will be highlighting and informing listeners about his weight loss journey at The Skinny Center on his daily radio show. It not to showcase himself, but to give a fighting chance to people who have been struggling their whole lives with their weight and are at a point of no hope. 

“For decades, I was exposed to an endless stream of well-marketed diets and newfangled exercise programs that promised an easy path to a leaner, trimmer me,” Kelly says. “Every year, I was enticed to drop all ‘bad carbs’ or to buy the latest piece of home gym equipment and good health and happiness will surely be mine.”

But the rules of fat loss have changed from what we once thought them to be. No longer can we rely on diet alone to shed unwanted weight.

“So, I learned the real answer to the age-old question: How can I lose weight and never gain it back at the Skinny Center,” Kelly says. “Hormones! Many of us have hormone-related health conditions that interfere with our quality of life, and we’re not even aware of them. In fact, we’re so imbalances, I fear most of us don’t even know what “normal” feels like anymore!”

Tune in to the Greg Kelly Radio Show to learn more about Kelly’s new, hormone balanced, lighter, energized, and stress-free body and his weekly visits to the Skinny Center.

Kelly is a television personality, journalist and military veteran who brings unique insight to the day’s news. In 2020, he began a prime-time nightly news and opinion show on NewsMax, Greg Kelly Reports. Prior to that, Kelly was the co-host of Good Day New York on Fox 5 for almost a decade, reporting the news and interviewing notable figures from the world of politics, law enforcement, education, and entertainment.

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