leslie slenderLeslie Slender, is the director of marketing and brand strategist at Red Apple Media. She has vowed to change WOMENS health by developing “Slender & Beautiful” an all-natural weight loss and beauty supplement designed to work with women’s biochemistry, helping to optimize adrenal and thyroid function, trigger the process of fat burning, helping to avoid weight regain, and improve the appearance of hair, skin, and nails through potent antioxidant protection and cell regeneration.

Slender was inspired to develop and launch her product when learning that supplement companies are continually coming under fire for violating laws by mislabeling their products.

“When we are deciding whether or not to make a purchase, we often rely on factors like recommendations from trusted sources, price, advertisements, and the information provided on the products label. But if the products advertising or label is unreliable, false, or misleading about its content or capabilities, we may be choosing to make a purchase we otherwise would not have had the information been clearer or more accurate.” Says Slender

This kind of false or misleading dietary supplement advertising is a violation of both federal and state consumer protection laws-spewed Slender.

“I took a look at my vitamins and realized that they contained some of those potentially harmful ingredients I was avoiding throughout my house,” Leslie Slender said. “I began to question not only what was in my vitamins but if it was even working. After much research, I realized that the vitamin industry was simply opaque and full of pseudoscience and half-truths.”

After Slender couldn’t find a brand of vitamins she could trust, she decided to take matters into her own hands and formulate her own. The birth of “Slender & Beautiful.”

Slender spent over 2 years researching women’s diets with entrepreneur and CEO of the Skinny Center—Westchester’s premier weight loss and aesthetic center—to find out what vitamins women really needed.

“It turned out that we were already getting a lot of enriched nutrients from our foods and many of the ingredients in most supplements were unnecessary,” Slender said. “We then identified the most essential nutrients women needed to curb appetite, burn fat, clear skin, strengthen hair, strengthen nails, and put those in one clean, vegan, non-gmo, gluten-free pill.”

We became determined to find ingredients in forms that were both tested by clinical research and were not impacted by genetic variations.

Leslie Slender believes that it is the team behind “The Skinny Center” that is the main reason for “Slender & Beautiful” success— not to mention the product label bears her beautiful image!

“There is magic that happens when you put people together who comes from so many different disciplines. The result is a product and experience that no one else can emulate.” Leslie Slender proudly says.

Weight Loss

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Hair, Skin & Nails

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