Getting Sculpted with Lisa

lisa avellinoFeeling confident in your skin?

Lose weight and build a lean toned body without sacrificing your life. Our award winning instructor Lisa Avellino will motivate you to find your strength and be your best. With Lisa’s virtual training sessions you will turn your camera on and get personalized form corrections and modifications in real time. The routines are tailored for you to bring out the best of yourself in a fun, yet challenging way.

At the Skinny Center we have one goal: To help you discover your own strength so you can see how amazingly fierce, strong and beautiful you really are – inside and out. It’s time you become an expert of your own body so you’re in control of your well-being.

You don’t want to live an average life. You don’t want to settle. You want more. You want the best.

And you already knew this, right? You are worth it!

You deserve to take care of yourself. You deserve feeling great in your own skin. You deserve to look and feel your absolute best.

I specialize in creating long-lasting change for all women and men. Building strong, confident, healthy bodies that you can maintain for life – from the time-strapped CEO looking to work out more consistently, to the new mom who doesn’t recognize herself in the mirror anymore. If you’re already fit, I can help you push towards ambitious goals and really help you step up your game.

I believe everyone can change themselves and their bodies and it’s my mission to ensure everyone leaves the Skinny Center healthier, mentally and physically stronger and more confident.

lisa avellino greg kelly
Greg Kelly & Lisa Avellino
Toni Senecal & Mitch Suss, CEO Skinny Center
lisa avellino dr oz
Dr. Oz & Lisa Avellino



Yes, you are busy and yes, it’s really hard to make time for yourself when you have so many other commitments – family, work, friends, household… the list goes on. But when you don’t take care of yourself you will burn out, and that helps no one. Committing time, money and effort to your health has to be a top priority so you have more energy for the people in your life and the things you love to do together.

When you work with me, it’s because you know that fitness and healthy nutrition aren’t just about how you look, or losing those extra few pounds. It’s not just about health or strength, either.

It’s about all of it. It’s about confidence. It’s about doing your best and getting your best. No apologies.

One more thing and I think you know this but …


The fitness industry is incredibly toxic and it prays on your hopes and tells you there’s an instant solution. But really, progress takes place outside the comfort zone. Getting healthy and in shape takes commitment, consistency and focus in all the right places. It’s hard work and it takes time.

I can’t tell you that my program will help you drop 20lbs in five days—because it won’t. I don’t have a “magic sauce” or a “special trick” to get you looking like the queen or king you are, you know, the one that turns heads because she exudes confidence. But if you are serious about getting in the best shape of your life – physically and mentally, using tried-and-true methods without BS, then I can help you discover all the incredible things you can do.