Marinella Justo

Aesthetician / Botox Injector

Marinella Justo is known as the “Monarch of Beauty” by her thousands of patients, and was voted one of the top aesthetic injectors in the country by her peers.

Marinella’s patients, or “ageless jewels” as she calls them, come to her wanting to look younger, enhance their natural glow, and seek the most advanced “anti-aging” technologies on the market today.

With a career spanning over 20 years, Marinella treats patients with the latest in Injectable “Trends” of the face, which is currently a 4-dimensional way.

As Marinella explains, “when fillers first came out onto the market, people viewed the face two-dimensionally, meaning they simply filled in the lines. We then moved toward a 3-dimensional approach, which included added volume in deflated areas to lift the face and erase lower lines. We finally arrived at treating the face 4-dimensionally, considering movement and facial expression, in addition to volumizing and lifting. The key is to understand how to utilize the expansive armamentarium of neuromodulators and fillers synergistically to maintain a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance.”

Marinella also vehemently believes that well-placed droplets of fillers and Botox can dramatically alter the effects of aging as opposed to filling the face with multiple syringes.

“We want natural yet refreshed, not dramatically altered. We want you to walk into the room feeling your best but still looking like you, not like a different person. Our approach is grounded in scientific principles and is reproducible with clinical evidence.”

Most great artists have a natural gift that cannot be taught. It is a winning combination of true talent, an artistic eye, and complete knowledge of their preferred medium. Although aesthetics is a science, it takes superior artistry to master facial fillers injections.

“The Monarch of Beauty” Marinella Justo takes the journey into the utopian world of safe and precision-targeted Injectables, holding the hands of her beloved ageless jewels along the way!