Science based, clinically tested, our powerful 1-2 punch of Skinny Spritz and Health 365 blood test will pinpoint the exact cause of your weight gain while guaranteeing full adherence to any of our customized weight loss plans. Our patients lose weight safely, quickly, and most important stick to the program from beginning to end.

Smiling doctor portrait“I understand the struggles people go through trying to stay on coarse following a diet program. I’m here to tell you how easy the Skinny Center has made it.

Skinny Spritz is composed of essential nutrients groups that promote a healthy metabolism, liver and heart. It’s super charged with vitamin B12 from methylcobalamin, this means that your body can use it immediately without going through any metabolic steps to make it “body friendly’

The priority blend of African Mango Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and Raspberry Ketone Extract support the protein hormone adiponectin, which is associated with cardiovascular improvement, insulin management, fat burning and its ability to stop sugar cravings, hunger and appetite safely and quickly.

The ingredients in this blend are gaining awareness worldwide for their effectiveness for weight management, glucose control and cardiovascular health.” – Dr. L. Sheldon, MD

With their stories of strength, determination, and courage, The Skinny Centers patients offer inspiration to one another, to their friends and families, and to the Men and Women who are in pursuit of their dreams to live a more healthier lifestyle and manageable weight. Read their stories of how The Skinny Center made their dreams come true.

Portrait Of Overweight Woman Sitting On Sofa“The combination of Skinny Spritz for helping me adhere to the program, and the specialized blood test offered by the center was a simple way to finally take control of my lifelong weight issues.” – Gabby S.

Young overweight man running in park. Fitness lifestyle“Skinny Spritz allowed me to stay on program. And the blood test pinpointed the exact reasons why my appetite was so hard to control.” – Scott R.

happy young plus size woman at home“My whole life was a constant battle with dieting. Never was able to last more than a few weeks on any diet program. The spray allowed me to finally stick to a program that’s healthy, safe and quick, and the blood test explained the reasons why I was unable to lose weight.” – Dani Q.

woman with glasses smiling“I heard Gregg Kelly’s talk about The Skinny Center, it made so much sense that I called and made an appointment. I was never able to sustain being on a diet for more than a few weeks, now I’m able to stick to their program by spritzing a few times a day without any sugar craving, hunger pangs or appetite. I’m down 11 pounds, feeling and looking years younger.” – Anne S.

man smiling in kichen“The health 365 blood test was a cinch. The Skinny Center sent a phlebotomist to my home, it only took 15 minutes. She was professional, kind, and a source of information. With the Spray, I truly believe the centers medical experts found a way to lose weight effortlessly without the struggle or desire to eat the foods you always desired.” – Thomas R.

older couple smiling“I’m so glad my husband persuaded me to make an appointment. After hearing about the blood test Greg Kelly took at The Skinny Center that pinpointed his underlying reasons why he couldn’t lose weight, coupled with Skinny Spritz to help him stick to the program, far exceeded our wildest expectations. Both my husband and I truly believe now there is new hope for people who have struggled their entire lives with their weight.” – Sharon K.

man sitting at laptop smiling“As a lawyer, and being very active in the Westchester community, I was constantly meeting people who had lost weight and reached their goals on the Skinny Center’s program. I also was in contact with a myriad of people who are on it now and experiencing great success. To put it bluntly, I am someone who had always struggled with weight and was never able to stick to a diet for more than a few weeks, so I signed up. Their multi-prong approach to losing weight safely, quickly and without struggle is the solution I have been searching for years. I’m feeling, looking like 20 years ago.” – Jason P.

before and after image of girl in orange shirt“The pharmaceutical grade Spray given to you by the medical staff at The Skinny Center combined with their specialized lab testing made my weight loss so easy. Anyone looking for a simple yet effective way to stick to a diet program without experiencing the sugar cravings and hunger pangs, while suppressing appetite should make an appointment.” – Stephanie M.

before and after weight loss. Thick and thin woman“Every diet I always began started with lots of excitement, enthusiasm and unwavering will, sadly, I’m sure like many of you-it never lasts long. It always happens after a few weeks (the longest I stuck to one was 5 1/2 weeks) than the struggles really kick in and at that point, I lost all of my zeal and passion to reach my goal-it’s just too hard. If you are feeling frustrated, confused and ready to except being fat is your fate, make yourself an appointment before giving up. My reasons why I made my appointment—36 pound lost, feeling amazing, very easy to stay on it, and the most important thing, all of my other nagging health issues are gone, just take a look at me.” – Kelly B.