Our health 365 lab test pinpoints the exact cause of your weight gain. With this information in hand, Our doctors and medical staff can analyze the genetic markers and blood values that make up your body chemistry, and isolate imbalances and their underlying causes.

Our patients lose weight fast, safely and don’t count calories.

Meet just a few of our patients who have been very successful at the Skinny Center.

woman with glasses smiling“I heard Greg Kelly’s talk about the Skinny center-makes so much sense-so I called and made an appointment. He was right. I’m down 11 pounds and feel like my old self!!” – Anne S.

man smiling in kichen“The health 365 blood test was a cinch. The skinny center sent a phlebotomist to my home to take it-so convenient so easy. I learned about the skinny center by listening to the many hosts of WABC on their radio shows. I was blown away with my positive results so far! ” – Thomas R.

older couple smiling“I’m so glad my husband is a dedicated listener to the Greg Kelly radio show. After hearing about the results he achieved at the Skinny Center and how their extensive lab and blood test pinpointed his reasons he couldn’t drop weight, made us call and book an appointment. We have tried so many diet programs in the past, but this center way to lose weight far exceeds our wildest expectations. These old farts today are thinner, have so much more energy, and feeling and looking like when we first met.” – Sharon K.

man sitting at laptop smiling“Greg Kelly’s video really inspired me to make a change in my lifestyle choices. I’m an avid WABC radio listener because of the diverse personalities there. I especially love to listen to the Greg Kelly radio show. In the last few months he has been raving about a Westchester weight loss company – The Skinny Center. Greg and his colleagues all started to get the weight loss results they have been searching for years. I called, I signed up, and feeling like I did years ago.” – Jason P.

before and after image of girl in orange shirt“After listening to their radio programs, Greg, Curtis, Frank and Leslie from WABC are telling us the truth about the Skinny Center. Health 365 blood test provides a powerful tool to pinpoint the reason you can’t lose weight and take an inside look at your body and how it functions. The fast weight loss motivated me and it was so worth it. ” – Stephanie M.

before and after weight loss. Thick and thin woman“Three nights ago when Curtis Sliwa was filling in for Frank Marano on his WABC radio show the other side of midnight-Curtis started to talk about a Westchester County weight loss center called The Skinny Center.”

“After Curtis went into his shtick about how his colleagues at WABC ( especially Greg Kelly) has completely transformed their health, weight and vigor on their programs, I immediately phoned  them for a medical consultation. You talk about fate, when I arrived at the Skinny Center – who do you think opened the door for me – Yes, Greg Kelly! And yes, all the raves and kudos that curtis said that night was all true. He was spot on! The Skinny Center rocks. ” – Kelly B.