The Skinny Center Launches Chemical-Free Weight Loss Program To Enhance Immunity

The Skinny Center weight loss programs, which are based on science, have helped thousands of people achieve their personnel weight management and health goals. Through education, advocacy, products, and tools, their mission is to empower and educate consumers on how to eat right and snack smarter.

“Our vision is to lead the nutritional diet movement with trusted brands that provide a diverse range of innovative, convenient, healthier-for-you foods that provide optimal nutrition for everyone” says Mitch Suss, founder & CEO of The Skinny Center in Westchester County.

“The Skinny Line 30 is a clean eating plan with a focus on increasing immunity that we are excited to launch. Clean eating entails removing the additives, chemicals, fillers, preservatives, and junk that can confuse our digestive system and limit our body’s ability to function normally” continues Mitch.


  • More energy
  • Better skin
  • Lose weight
  • Better Health
  • Increase cognitive function
  • Live longer

“The Skinny Line 30-Day Plan teaches people how to heal their metabolisms so they can lose excess weight and, more importantly, keep it off. I like to say that we assist people in achieving long-term weight loss through wellness. As a result, the emphasis here is primarily on wellness, with weight loss serving as a pleasant bonus,” says Dr. Aaron Spingarn, medical director of The Skinny Center.

Simply put, Clean Eating can benefit everyone. It is the most effective way to support your healthy, fit lifestyle, and the entire family can participate. It is never too early or too late to begin eating healthy and feeling good about the food you eat.

The Skinny Center is poised to expand its wellness platform through innovation, research, science, and advanced technologies.

Dr. Aaron Spingarn says, “We continue to set new standards of excellence and improve the lives of our patients experiencing weight and health issues. For this I’m very proud!”

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