The Skinny Centers amazing new weight loss program, Balance 3H Plus, is now a reality

Nobody knows how important it is to look good and be healthy like a radio and television personality. Greg Kelly of 77 WABC believes that a healthy way to maintain his ideal weight, combined with a balanced nutrition plan, is the key to a more fulfilling life.

Greg is quickly reaping the benefits of what millions will soon discover: how to successfully lose weight without jeopardizing his overall health, thanks to a revolutionary new dietary program developed by The Skinny Center’s physicians called Balance 3H Plus.

“Balance 3H Plus program is absolutely incredible,” Greg reports. “The blood and lab work they had me tested for pinpointed the exact cause of my weight gain and assisted in the isolation of certain biomarkers that can lead to serious health problems in the future. It’s an entire regimen developed and administered by licensed doctors and dietary specialists that is specifically tailored to my personnel needs and the way I live. I absolutely love the results. The Balance 3H Plus Program has truly changed my life.”

“There is no doubt that the challenges of losing weight as we age become more complicated and unique to each individual,” says founder of the Skinny Center Mitch Suss. “Losing weight as we age becomes more difficult due to hormonal fluctuations, high stress levels, or a lack of sleep. As a result, a different approach than what was used when we were younger is required. Balance 3H Plus program allows you to identify and reset hormonal imbalances that prevent you from losing weight.”

“I am totally impressed with the results I’ve experienced with Balance 3H Plus, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to everyone I know,” Greg says. When my weight was creeping up and was feeling under the weather and very tired most of the time – I knew I had to act fast. With another baby on the way – The Skinny Center and Balance 3H Plus was a no brainer!

To schedule a medical weight loss consultation and to sign up for the Balance 3H Plus, call 914-703-4811.

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