The first month of a diet program are always the hardest.

DID YOU KNOW THAT OVER 86 percent fail to stick to a diet the first month?

I guess it’s just like any other addiction. This is because the body is craving what it is used to having. That daily donut, big bottle of Coke or slice of pizza are pretty hard to say no to when you start a program.

The Skinny Center’s weight loss medical team has nailed it!

There will come a time when you crave chicken and vegetables for dinner at night, instead of pizza-we guarantee you!

SPRITZ YOURSELF SKINNY-and adhere to our our programs from start to finish. A better body and higher self-esteem all wait at the end for you-Guaranteed.

So Are You Addicted To Sugar?
1) Do you need to eat something sweet every day?
2) Do you have routines around sugar, e.g. always needing to have a pudding or biscuit?
3) If you eliminate sugar for 24 hours, do you develop headaches and mood swings?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one of the above questions, you may have a sugar addiction.

Avoiding it may feel like navigating your way through a minefield, but with some practical and therapeutic advice, we can help you break the habit and set your free.

Introducing Skinny Spritz, a one-of-a-kind product designed to curb sugar cravings, portion control, and help lose weight.

Skinny Spritz is the first and only weight control product developed to quickly stop the nagging desire for sweets. Skinny Spritz fast acting formula helps reduce or eliminate even the strongest desire for all sweet food in just 60 seconds.

Portrait of a female doctor holding her patient chart in bright modern hospital“I would like to talk about Skinny Spritz developed and formulated by The Skinny Center in Westchester county, NY.

Skinny Spritz is a natural way to lose weight and maintain a healthy body by optimizing fat metabolism and converting fat into cellular energy.

The results of patients using it for adherence to diet programs has been remarkable. Patients have lost significant amount of pounds without the strong urges for the calorie dense and carcinogenic foods that they are used to eating.

Skinny Spritz’s lipotropic components of choline, L-methionine, inositol, and betaine are the right combination of lipotropic nutrients that have been shown to stop sugar cravings, hunger pangs immediately—while controlling appetite.

Patients are saying they have been experiencing no difficulty sticking to the Skinny Centers program and are reporting a 10-15 pound weight loss in a month with the help of Skinny Spritz.” – Dr. A. Weiss, MD