The Unstoppable Rise of Health 365: How a Westchester weight loss clinic is going mainstream

People have become their own health advocates as a result of the popularity and urgency of slimming down and strengthening one’s immunity during the pandemic.

People all over the country are sick and tired of being given incorrect information about how to protect themselves during a Covid outbreak. Many Americans are turning to the internet for answers as they search for a cure for the novel Covid and its new variant Omicron. What they discover is a minefield of dubious products and promises made by shady sellers. False claims are duping concerned individuals into paying for bogus weight loss solutions that provide them with a false sense of security.

A new medical blood test called “Health 365” is taking hold across the country, primarily among overweight men and women with compromised immune systems.

If, as every trend forecaster and market analyst seems to agree, this is the year of mainstream self-education and self- protectionism of current and future pathogens, then a New York Westchester medical weight loss company named “The Skinny Center” has exploded onto the American mindset as a way to safeguard yourself from the virus’s ravishes.

The rapid increase in the number of men and women taking part in “Health 365” highlights the urgent need to lose weight and use nutrition as medicine to ensure that the body is in proper working order to combat the virus and its numerous new strains.

“We’re living in an unprecedented world,” says founder Mitch Suss, CEO & founder of the Skinny Center, “Our customized blood test, available at the Skinny Center, is a simple way to finally gain control of your weight, boost your immunity, and address both current and future health concerns,” continues Mitch.

“To be clear, our weight loss program is not a millennium diet or even an anti-traditional weight loss method, but rather a cellular approach to boosting one’s own immune system while losing weight,” says Dr. Aaron Spingarn, medical director of The Skinny Center.

Today, both men and women are making it their mission to raise awareness about the fact that the only true safeguard is immunity strengthening through weight loss and wellness.

“With Health 365, our challenge is to combine the feel-good factor, the fun and sociable atmosphere, with a strong moral and ethical stance. We want to draw people in without scaring them away, but once they’re in, we don’t want them to leave thinking this is just another health fad or diet company, but rather a strong and powerful way to maintain a healthy leaner body for the rest of their lives. A seemingly unstoppable mainstream movement!” says Dr. Aaron Spingarn.

To schedule a medical weight loss consultation and to sign up for the Health 365 lab work, call 914-703-4811 or schedule online here.

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