Virtual medical weight management program

We can shop, bank and take college classes online, so why can’t we also see a medical weight loss specialist online? NOW you can.

The Skinny Center’s propriety weight control program – Balance 3H Plus – is a unique and and innovative weight loss and weight management program that allow you to see a medical weight loss specialist from the comfort and privacy of your own home to get treatment and help you lose weight and be healthy. You’ll save time, money and get better results in a very secure and convenient way.

If you’re fed up with traveling to appointments, sitting in waiting rooms or simply too busy to deal with parking spaces, but you know you need to get your weight under control, if so, the Skinny Center has your solution.

Balance 3H Plus virtual weight loss program administered online under close and direct supervision from one of our medical weight loss specialist.

You will work one-on-one with one of our medical weight loss specialists until you reach your weight loss goal. Often times, we discover medical conditions contributing to weight gain that was previously undiagnosed by other medical providers that the patient has seen. Although you have chosen our virtual option, we guarantee the same effectiveness, safety, and privacy as seeing one of our specialist in person.

We communicate with patients via phone or zoom conference each designed to protect your health information and privacy.

Are you ready for Virtual weight loss?

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