Weight Loss Success: Take Control and Hold Yourself Accountable

Sandra, 48, struggled with her weight for most of her life. Seeing a photo of herself at her son’s middle school graduation was the last straw. She didn’t even recognize herself and knew she had to do something different. A friend told her about The Skinny Center and how the weigh-ins, coaching support and individualized plans helped her lose the 30 pounds she had been trying to lose since she started having children 15 years ago. Her friend said that somehow being accountable to her coaches at The Skinny Center stopped her from the binge eating that had been her downfall for over a decade.

According to a recent study at Drexel University, the key to weight loss is accountability. When it comes to taking control of your weight, it’s important to find a weight management program that holds you accountable and offers support. The Skinny Center’s exclusive Medical Weight Loss programs help people of all ages take control of not only their weight, but their health.

Accountability looks different to different people. Your accountability may come in the form of a friend, a personal trainer, a dietician, your doctor, or a combination of all. The Skinny Center offers a team of experts who can provide you with the level of accountability needed to meet and exceed your weight loss goals.

The Importance of Accountability

The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) found that if you commit to someone to achieve a specific objective, you have a 65% greater chance of meeting it. Then, if you schedule specific appointments/times to meet with this person, your chance of success rises to 95%.

The Medical Weight Loss programs offered by The Skinny Center are all doctor-supervised, utilizing a comprehensive blood test for weight loss that assesses the functioning of many of your body’s mechanisms that control weight loss and weight gain. The Skinny Center’s medical team is then able to determine the ROOT CAUSE OF YOUR WEIGHT GAIN and create a specific program for you that gently corrects your imbalances to help you feel and look better. Soon after you start, there will be many noticeable differences – you’ll have more energy, your symptoms will improve, and weight loss becomes easier.

Stay Determined: We Can Do This Together

An Oxford study found that people trying to lose weight often feel shame when they don’t meet certain targets or goals they had set for themselves. “Feelings of shame were linked with abandonment of efforts.” Instead of focusing on the negative, your team at The Skinny Center focuses on the positive and the goals you’ve met and those you will meet and achieve. This is not a typical “diet.” It’s the answer to living your daily life in a healthy way, finally taking control, and making the changes you need to boost your health for a lifetime.

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